I know everyone is all excited about Appetite for Destruction turning 25, but to be honest it means nothing to me. I’ve never liked Guns and Roses. However, another album recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and it is worlds more important to me, even if it did take a facebook status from a friend for our little community of fans to notice the milestone.

Butch Walker’s Left of Self-Centered may not be my favorite record of all time, and even Butch seems like he would rather forget it existed, but I have to say it is a pretty defining record for me. I could go on about having an “ah-hah” moment the first time I listened to it, but to be honest I have bigger things to talk about. As a result of finding this record I met loads of awesome people who dig most of the same silly music as me, including my best friend. Some I met online and have never met face to face, but after 10 years we still talk. Some of us trade couches and split gas money for tour. Some fly in from Australia and need Butch Walker tour guides through Atlanta. Some just get adopted for the night, usually their first show, and taken care of like a fairy god mother. Then there’s the best friend, who I met standing in line for my very first Butch Walker show, and is usually does the adopting with me.

It blows my mind to think that if I never bought that record I never would have met Rosie, Lance, Ashley, Janet, Brennan, Em-Jae, Tiffany, Alex, Rachelle, Nielsen, Jenn, Robin, Lisa, Liz, Baker, Troy, Meven, Amanda, and the gobs of people that we pick up at shows along the way.

Think I’m just being sappy? If you know me in real life, stop for a minute and imagine me without Rosie. NOW DO YOU SEE THE MAGNITUDE OF WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?!

I would be a completely different person!

So Butch, thanks for that. <3

Ditto. Thanks @butchwalker for bringing all of your fans together the way you do. I think we need to make an “Out of Focus, Part 2” that is from the fans point of view and tells our stories of what he’s meant to us. Sounds like a Kickstarter campaign might be in our future…